Core Sensor Breakouts

First Test Run!

I tested the thermometer and pressure sensor earlier today for functionality, rather than reliability.

I received the the BMP180 in a neat plastic little package. Technically, the Bosch BMP180 is actually a tiny little sensor (see the shiny metal square below), so I had actually received the breakout board for the sensor (which contains the real telemetry device). Breakout boards make the electrical pins of the sensor accessible and usable with I2C (inter-integrated circuit) technology so that I can talk to it and it can talk to me.

If I were to actually manufacture a PCB, I could order this core component and attach it with surface mount technology. If the project timeline were longer, I could definitely do that.

Header pins (buy male header pins if you haven’t already) need to soldered on at this point, as you need some interface to power your breakout boards. Here’s how it turned out:

2015-11-05 18.42.06


Similarly, the TMP102 can be linked with the I2C Protocol. Soldered, attached, here’s what it looked like. (Note: Oops, I soldered this upside down…)

2015-11-05 18.25.19

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