Preliminary update from our final launch (12/6)

First, the cover image for this post is an actual screen grab taken from roughly 60,000ft by Team 2’s payload!

Our final launch was a success!!! I’ll post more details soon, but here’s a summary:

  • both balloons were released at approximately 11:15AM
  • both balloons surpassed an altitude of 100,00ft!
  • After temporarily losing communications with one balloon, we successfully tracked down both payloads
  • In spite of taking a beating during a hard landing, Team 2’s payload was successfully recovered (the parachute appears to have separated from the payload at some point…oops)
  • We were able to track down Team 1’s payload as well, however, it is in a tree in a bog.  We will be getting gear and heading out soon to retrieve it!
  • Team 1’s payload also successfully transmitted some partial images mid-flight:

Stay tuned for a full debrief and more pictures and videos from the launch and the flight!

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